Happy 6th Anniversary FaMESHed!

Wow. We have reached 6 years with FaMESHed, can you believe it feels like it was just yesterday that FaMESHed opened? FaMESHed has been on a long journey and without getting all emotional over it, it has been a fantastic time no matter how high or how low things have been.

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support of FaMESHed, without all of you… We would not be here without you all. We would like to thank Cracked Mirror for opening this event, and coming up with the idea of it. We are honoured to do this event every round, but even more so that we get to celebrate its 6th Birthday.

So lets get down to the nitty gritty of things… We have changed things up at FaMESHed for our Anniversary… We have some group gifts and some limited edition items for this round from our Designers. There are of course our exclusive items! Please be sure to join the FaMESHed Update Group in order to receive the gifts. Watch out for the Limited Edition items, as they will poof away forever after this round. 

Thank you for making FaMESHed amazing.

While you are waiting to get into FaMESHed, take a look at our May Inventory.


TELEPORT to FaMESHed Too (Cam Sim)

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Limited Edition Sign and Group Gift Box

May 2018 - 6th Anniversary

News & Announcements

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