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We always love to hear feedback, or help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see your question listed here.

Please allow 24-48 hours to reply to you.

What are the dates for the event?

Each round is open from the 1st of each month at midday SLT (12pm SLT), and we run till the 27th. Unless, it is a February round – we close on the 25th of February.

We close during these dates in order to prepare for our next round.

How do I become a Designer at FaMESHed?

The event is by Invite Only, however, we do have an application on our website which can be found under Applications > For Designers.

However, this does not guarantee acceptance and you only need to apply once. We do see applications from time to time and it is noted on our system.

Thank you for your interest.

How do I become a Blogger at FaMESHed?

Bloggers are by Invite Only. Once a year, we do open our applications and we tend to invite Bloggers from time to time.

Please do not send us notecards, we will ignore them and they will be trashed.

When is the Anniversary for FaMESHed?

FaMESHed was founded in May 2012. So every year in May, we celebrate our Anniversary.

I am a Pose/Tattoo/Skin/Applier Store, can I participate in FaMESHed?

FaMESHed i.e. Fa-MESH-ed is all about original mesh. We realise you work hard on your items, but this is about displaying top quality original mesh only.

Poses, Animations, Tattoos, Skins and Applier stores will never be accepted into the event.

How do I go to FaMESHed?

We have our main event sim, and our cam sim. You can try either location.

Main Sim

Cam Sim

Does FaMESHed have themes?

No, we are a non themed event and no discount event too.

I missed an item, and now the event is closed. How do I get the item?

Please go see the Designers mainstore, it may not be out immediately but once the event is closed for the next round, it is no longer at our event.

I am so laggy at the event, what can I do?

You can go to World > Show Friends Only. This will help reduce your lag, or you can go fully alphaed with nothing attached to go to the event. You can also derender everyone around you.

We make sure to keep our event as low lag as possible, but come opening day/week we cannot reduce the lag from the amount of Avatar Complexity, attachments and scripts.

I can't get to the sim, have I been banned?

It is rare for us to ban anyone from the event, however, if you are trying to teleport to the event between the 28th – 1st of the month, it is most likely closed for the next round setup.

What time does the event open?

At 12:00pm SLT (midday SLT) on the 1st every month, unless stated otherwise.

How do you pronounce FaMESHed?

It is pronounced Fah MESHed / Famished. Not Fame Shed.

Has FaMESHed Venue changed?

No, it has not. These are two separate events. FaMESHed the original one will always be on the 1st of each month, and Go will be be on the 15th of each month. FaMESHed will always remain a venue event, and Go is about mainstores.

Original Mesh

Every Month

Quality Designers

Unique Shopping Experience

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